Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Designers At War

Oftentimes, we criticize someone because we think we are being genuinely helpful. We want the other person to be their best, so we pass on our "expect" judgements in an effort to provide help and value. However, uninvited criticism tends to cause resentment in the criticized. With that being said, some people criticize to make others feel or look worthless.

In the case of the design world, a professional designer should be objective and neutral when criticizing another designer's work. They should not disparage the work or reputation of other fellow designers. We came across a few articles just recently, where comments made by professional designers themselves, denigrate and insulted the work of others. How can one well-known and reputable designer criticize the work of the other designer? This spells  U-N-P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L.

Every designers has their own stand point and taste. Everyone is different. No one's perfect. People made mistakes and obviously has come out with bad designs at some point in their career. Commentators have got to clearly present their feedback as their own and make the criticism a discussion rather than an unsolicited advice or opinions that may bring the person down. It should always be a neutral opinion as opposed to making general statements or facts. It may have come off as criticism, but if you have good intentions, it shines through to the receiver. The right way to criticize is to ask questions and to get the person to think about the issue, and then provide input on how to improve on their own. If anything goes wrong, they should apologize if they feel they may have offended the person with the criticism.

A word of advice to designers out there: Do not comment on other designer's work harshly. Your word gets around on the internet. Speak with respect. You can express your opinions and views on a particular design, but criticizing to the extent of insulting and ridiculing is so unethical, especially when its done using actual email, websites, article and etc. By doing so, you're creating a very bad publicity and unprofessional impression of yourself to strangers and current/potential clients of yours. Speak carefully. Criticizing is more about providing a fresh perspective for people to make their own judgments rather than casting judgments and spreading the word around behind the designer's back. So, speak only when you're invited to give feedback. Always think before you criticize someone else.

Below are a few of the designers who shocked us most with their unnecessary comments and criticism which we feel may have created bad publicity for themselves. What a disappointment!

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