Friday, November 19, 2010

Publishing House Logo - Book Me!

Almost everyone is seen reading a book these days be it whilst waiting at the subway or lounging at the city’s park. There are numerous reading materials from hardcover to paperback and fiction to non-fiction released each month, worldwide. Consumers are quick to dive into the books’ contents without noticing much of the publisher’s logo which is always thought to be inconsequential albeit it plays a subtle yet huge part in the company’s credibility and standing.

Furthermore, a particular publishing house’s logo helps in distinguishing one establishment from the next as different publishing houses will offer different works by various authors. With more and more upcoming books having colorful and interesting book covers, a publisher’s logo might be drowned out by the bolder designs of the book cover. Thus, it is essential to have a logo which, I have mentioned time and again, looks distinctive and can stand out. 

Not to be forgotten, depending on the type of books the publisher is aiming to print, the logo has to reflect the company. If for instance, the publishing house is only focusing on issuing children related books, the logo has to be fun and possesses the element to capture the attention of children. In contrast, a more matured and uncomplicated logo design should be used if the publishing company would like to target the general demographic audience.

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