Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish You Were Here…

Imagine yourself listening to the sounds of the waves crashing the pristine beach, feeling the glistening white sands in-between your toes and having a sip of a cool glass of refreshing coconut water. Ahhh… That would be an ideal vacation for anyone. You would definitely want a logo design for your travel or vacation related business which could be able to invoke that sort of vivid sensation and experience.

Your logo design must be adaptable and universal as you would like to be able to penetrate into the foreign markets (unless you are only focusing on the domestic side of business); something which can relate to people regardless of the different in cultures, languages, beliefs and traditions.

Take the Lonely Planet logo for example. The blue used is calming and looking at it immediately makes one think of Lonely Planet + Vacation-On-A-Budget + Backpacking. Moreover, the slightly conjoined text with partially rounded edges injects a dose of fun and togetherness into the whole design. Lastly, the semicircle above and below the text pulls the whole look together by focusing on the brand’s image of bridging gaps throughout the whole world.

Another case study is the Ritz-Carlton logo which is very illustrative yet iconic at the same time. The lion symbolizes strength as well as the prestige of the company which is renowned for its high-end, 5-star hotel rooms and services. The illustration of the crown at the base of the lion shows that the company strives for luxury and to be the best in the industry. This logo will definitely be listed among the classics of logo design greats. Check out some famous travel and tourism logo from around the world:

With this mildly short briefing, hopefully you will understand what are the essential features needed in your travel-related logo design. Bon Voyage!

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