Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before You Commit…

So it is a known fact that there are plenty of freelance logo designers and logo design firms online offering a long list of services or packages at a very competitive range of prices. Hence, it is somewhat difficult for a consumer to choose a design package that suits his or her budget and requirements.

To help you on choosing your ideal designer or design company, I have outlined some key points for you to take into consideration before committing yourself to a particular designer or design firm.

Always check the portfolio first and foremost. This is an absolute MUST. A portfolio will give you a brief overall outlook on the quality and creativity of designs by the designer or the firm. Judge the execution of a logo design from the portfolio and ask yourself whether, is that the creative direction you would like to see in your logo design.

Moreover, consistency in the designs should be noted as well, since this it can be an advantage or otherwise. For instance, if the designs are similar from A to Z then this proves that there is a lack of creativity and most likely, the designs are either pre-made templates or recycled. However, on a side note, consistency in the quality of the designs is of course; very much valued for the reason that it shows the ability and talent of the designer or the design firm.

If available, check the list of past clients and the designs accompanying the testimonials. It would obviously be a definite thumbs-up for those designers or firms with famous clienteles. Read some of the testimonials and feedback from those past clients.

Make enquiries and do some research on that particular designer or firm - just google the names. Reviews from past clients posted on the many design blogs or forums will help you in your decision on choosing the right designer or firm to work on your design project.

Ask your friends or acquaintances for further recommendations if they had used this sort of online design services. Their advice and inputs will further help in finalizing your decision on choosing your ideal designer or design firm. Hopefully with these pointers you will be able to make the right choice.

Below are some of the articles we found that may be helpful for your research:


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