Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nobody Likes To Be Duped

These days there are tons of logo design companies out there competing to grab a slice of the online designing pie. Who could blame them? As we are heading towards a more digital age where most business transactions are carried out digitally and on the Internet, this opens up a huge and untapped opportunity for designing firms to offer design services online – diverging from the traditional brick-and-mortar design studio. But as consumers, how do we actually select the best online design service provider that would meet our needs with quality designs? Well, checking out the awards and recognitions conferred to the company might be a good benchmark to start with. That’s what anyone would typically do as it allows for a more objective comparison aside from customers’ testimonials.

However, there exists a minority of design companies which is somehow misleading the public of its awards and industry recognitions by putting up huge award titles under the ‘Awards’ page such as the Red Dot Award and the Summit International Awards but do not have the actual awards to prove it. Not only will this give the wrong impression about the company’s past history, it will also impinge on customers’ expectations on the designs that they will be receiving. In order to prevent any such misgivings in the future, carry out the necessary research before committing with a particular online design service provider as what TheLogoBuzz had preached over and over again on this blog.  

Another issue worth mentioning is the use of VeriSign authentication seals. Most individuals, including myself, feel more comfortable doing online transactions at websites which are VeriSign certified but in some cases forgery of the seal does happen. To avoid the risk of having your financial credentials being compromised, I would recommend you to click on the VeriSign seal which should pop open a new window with relevant security information.  If the VeriSign certificate is genuine then the web address will begin with this: while on the other hand, if the web address does not begin with that aforementioned address then the certificate is a dubious one. Immediately report any fake VeriSign certificates to VeriSign and try to avoid doing business of any kind with a website that displays a fake VeriSign certificate. It is too risky to put your credit card information that might fall into the wrong hands…

I hope that these pointers would help you in your decision in choosing the right online design service provider that is not only legitimate and trustworthy but can provide quality designs as well. Until next time!