Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Food & Drinks Galore!

Logos for restaurants are highly important as they can help establish the brand to greater heights. For logo designs related to food and beverages, color schemes play a minute yet important role. Try avoiding colors like blue, purple or black. Psychologically, these colors cause people to lose appetite as they are commonly linked to the color of spoil or poisoned food. On the contrary, green, red, orange, yellow and brown are among the most popular food colors as they are appetite stimulants.

A restaurant logo does not necessarily need to have the above mentioned appetite-stimulating food colors as these days there are many nouveau restaurants going for the minimalist look – a simple text font with the name of the restaurant against a plain black or white background. Though it looks cool and hip, but with the advent of more restaurants adopting this style, it has created a sort of uniformity and conformity. It seems to me that, long are the days where uniqueness triumphs orthodoxy.

There are still restaurants that have amazing logo designs which are very distinctive and have an old-school charm to it. There are various types of logo design which will fit to any criteria of any restaurants be it Mexican, Chinese or even, Japanese. It all boils down to the concept of your restaurant; you want it to be a chic dining restaurant or something more family-oriented is up to you and your logo design should wholly reflect on that seeing that you can opt for an illustrative logo or a more iconic look. For more detailed explanation on the different types of logo designs, check out my previous post: Textual, Iconic or Illustative?

Here are some of the famous classic restaurant logo designs for your viewing:

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