Thursday, November 18, 2010

Files, Files, Files

There are a variety of files needed according to your desired preferences. So, it is highly vital for you to know beforehand what finalized files will the design company provide you. Some firms charge extra if you need a different file type while others do not. Therefore, it is highly crucial for you to check beforehand with the company. You have to ask yourself: what files ought I to receive according on my necessities?

I have outlined some general file types you should be receiving based on your needs.

For Print    : When sending your design for print, you have to provide the printer with editable files so that the design can be scaled accordingly without creating pixels or blurs on your design. Important vector files to have are .AI, .FH8 and .FH11. Besides, you should also be receiving a bitmap file, .EPS which is equally imperative as well. Plus, you are encouraged to print out a soft copy of your design which you intend to print for references.

For Web    : You will need to provide some essential files to your web designer or to yourself (if you are handling the design aspect of your website) among which are .HTML, .CSS, .PHP, .PNG, .EPS and .PSD. Other file types do come in handy as well such as .JPEG and .GIF.

For Office    : If you simply need to use the design for normal office use via Word document or you require the design for a Powerpoint presentation, all you need is either a .JPEG or .GIF file. It is as simple and easy as that.

There are some miscellaneous files you might receive as well but it varies from one design firm to another. For instance, if your logo is animated the design firm might be sending you files such as .SWF and .FLA. Occasionally, if your finalized design incorporates certain unique fonts, you might also be receiving font-type files like .PFM, .PFB or .TTF.

Hopefully with this brief explanation you will be able to get the files you need and always, remember to ask the company prior to employing their services.

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