Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheap & Still Good… Are You Actually Serious?

This will be a follow-up to my previous post of Expensive VS Cheap. Many have asked: How come there are countless online design firms offering such low price for respectable quality logo designs equivalent to those of high-end prices? Could they earn a profit? How are they able to sustain their business? And finally, are they a legit, reliable design firm to deal with? Consumers are genuinely very concerned and curious over this matter as to how a business offering low-priced services could in short, survive and still churn out quality logo designs.

Well, it all boils down to how the company works to minimize its cost. For instance, some online design companies do not provide a contact number be it toll-free or not, as it helps in playing down the cost involved in having a hotline customer service. The absence of having a phone line for customer service will help reduce the cost of the designs you are paying. More often than not, many design firms do have an online feedback system (live operator chat, e-mails and the likes) as a much cheaper alternative.

Design agencies with a fixed line or toll-free customer service number usually offer higher design rates as you are actually paying for these accommodating yet hidden and costly service provided by the respective design firms. This is true when you compare prices between those online logo design companies with and without a direct telephone link to their customer service.

So, if you prefer to communicate with the head designer responsible on handling your design project than you must be more than willing to fork out the price attached to the design you are getting. On the other hand, if you have a preference to skip the hassle of actually having to talk to the designers you are assigned to (similar to conventional local design company), those low range priced online design firms are definitely your choice. In all honesty, for me, I would prefer to at least, be able to communicate to the designer in-charge of my project be it via the phone or the Internet. It is just as vital to be able to explain to the designer your visions, requirements and the creative direction you want to take.

Besides, these online design companies are able to survive because they manage to produce the designs at a very fast rate while at the same time maintaining the quality of their work. This further helps to make up for any losses incurred from their low-priced services. By hiring permanent in-house designers instead of freelance designers also help to minimize the total cost of the whole business.

With more and more of these cheaper online design firms sprouting on the Internet, choices are aplenty and it is up to your judgment on choosing the right one that work best for you company.

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