Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Expensive VS Cheap

Source: BroganBlog

$80 or $8000? From the cheapest to the most expensive, it is all up to you as to how much you are willing to pay for your logo design. Many would say that $40 can’t get you a “professional and high-quality” logo design compared to for instance, one which is priced at $700 or more. This is the misconception however as it all boils down to the design firms or graphic designers; whether or not their style of design is what you are looking for in your own logo.

These days, many emerging SMEs are turning to online design sites which offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative when compared to conventional design firms. Although so, not all is sunshine for the booming online design service business. There are some issues plaguing the online design industry pertaining to plagiarism, recycling of old designs and the usage of clipart.

Therefore, it is wise to make inquiries from your acquaintances regarding their experience (if any) or Google that particular design firm to find out more about the company via feedbacks and comments from past clients. Also, check out the conditions of sale and as well as the design portfolio of that particular site. Their past clients’ design projects will further provide you with an overall understanding on their performance.

Here are a few highly recommended online logo design sites which are favourably reputable by many and produce high-quality, professional logo designs based on different categories of price range:

Low Range:
LogoDesignCreation ( RECOMMENDED

Mid Range:
The Logo Company ( RECOMMENDED

High Range:
Infinity Logo Design (


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