Monday, January 17, 2011

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce? Errr... Probably not.

There has been talks online of complaints regarding being duped into paying insurmountable amounts for a logo design which when discovered later was recycled from some old designs or even blatantly plagiarized from existing logos. This concern is not baseless as seen in the past from the scandal of To read more regarding this issue, please visit:

Moreover, it is wise to tread carefully on certain crowdsourcing design sites where a minority of those individuals who are providing designing services are simply amateur designers who want to make a quick buck by editing established logo designs and propose them to you as “newly” created ones. Always look for recommendations, comments or even reviews online to check the reliability. Hey, Google is just a click away.

Browsing through a portfolio is also important as you can gauge the quality of past designs. Take your time as you are using your hard earned money for these type of designing services. It is better to be always safe than sorry. You might be able to spot some logo designs which you feel is under par or even relatively similar to an existing logo through a designer's portfolio. Note: LogoWorks's plagiarism scandal was discovered this way. The sad thing is that this essential step is more often than not overlooked by customers


On the flip side, there are sites like,, and etc which are offering logo design templates which are actually pre-designed logos where you can choose one and customize it to suit your preference. Definitely, this type of service will be much more affordable in terms of pricing. Take note that it is best to buy the rights of the logo once you have chosen it as you would not want another business using a spin-off of your logo. The risk of buying plagiarized logo designs is still there but you will be able to see the logo beforehand prior to making the purchase. Above all, remember to do your research. As always.

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