Monday, January 17, 2011

In black and white: Monochromatic logo designs are making a comeback.

A variety of businesses now are significantly more willing to use a black and white logo design to front their brand. In the past, having a black and white logo had a negative connotation attached to it which was the reason why many businesses tend to shun from using it. But now it is de rigueur as seen from the variety of businesses existing in today's world. Even in the entertainment industry, companies such as MTV, Cartoon Network and Sony PlayStation 3 to name a few also use a black and white logo although MTV do create variations of their logo in color.

Sometimes adding color to a logo might not do it justice if it already has many design elements in it. The colors might only make the logo worse. Look at the Apple logo. It is iconic in its own black-and-white way and is memorable enough to give a pronounced visual impact. When a logo is perfectly done, it will work in various color tones and what better way to make it stand out than it being monochromatic. Moreover, it is cost-effective when you are considering printing expenses although this should not be the main purpose of having your logo in black and white.

Monochromatic logo can be edgy and stylish. It can be modern and contemporary. It can be unique and different. It can be what any colored logo can. It is your creativity which is what determines the characteristic of your logo. So don't be afraid of using a black and white logo. Try it!

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