Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh wow! It's moving. Is animated logo the way to go?

The ubiquity of animations used as part of the primary logo design is gaining popularity more so with the advent of the many types of online-based businesses springing up on the Internet. A few years back, not many businesses were interested in animated logos. This is because previously, most were simply haphazardly done with stiff and generic movements, sometimes worsening the original logo design instead of accentuating it. Nowadays, it is often seen that animated logo designs can serve to complement the existing logo design particularly on the Web, which currently offers a host of possibilities to make any types of businesses more interesting. Another plus point is that an animated logo design can cut through the noise on the Net and makes a particular business stand out. It should be noted that having an animated logo design is not restricted to any types of businesses as long as you have a website to showcase your logo.

Certainly, the degree of complexity of your animation for the logo design should be taken into consideration as well as you do not want it to be a mini movie-like animation. Normally, the typical time for one complete cycle of an animation should not be more than a minute. If it gets too lengthy, it might not capture the attention of your target demographic. It is now the right time to jump on the bandwagon if you are still undecided. There are many design sites out there offering design packages which include an animated logo thrown into the mix for a nominal fee. In hindsight, having an animated logo design for your business could probably be the stepping stone for your company to make its mark in the industry.

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