Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rise of Infographics

As the name suggests, infographics (otherwise known as information graphics) provide visual representation of information, data, facts and the likes in a concise manner. Basically, infographics are able to present vast amount of information within a confined space quickly and succinctly to a wide range of audience. A fine example would be a subway map as it is able to display a wealth of information in a graphical manner within a confined space like on a standard-sized poster. 

Long are the days where graphic design needs to be accompanied by texts or written words. With infographics, both of these elements can be seamlessly merged into one, creating a comprehensive visual content that is both informative and appealing. In the past the more archaic varieties of infographics are prevalent and more commonly seen in informational advertisements or public service announcements. Although these types of infographics serve their purpose, they still lack the creative panache in terms of design. People usually considered them as boring and monotonous.

More recently, designers are making infographics more appealing visually by tweaking the color schemes, positioning of the content and so forth. I believe the fascination towards charts or graphs will continue to grow with the advent of more well-designed infographics. I have posted a variety of the most creative and visually appealing infographics on the web at the moment below. Enjoy the infographics-visual-fest!


That's all folks. Until the next post... Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the infographics posted.

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