Thursday, July 21, 2011

Motion Poster Design: The Future of Posters?

Recently Lionsgate released a motion poster design for The Hunger Games movie and the Internet was abuzz with many being amazed by the motion poster that managed to capture their attention. Is a motion poster design the next step for film distributors to market their movies instead of the conventional (static) poster design? It could possibly be the next step (similar to the potentials of 3D movies) in designing a poster. Certainly designers will find it a welcome challenge in designing a motion poster that not only helps in promoting a particular product or service but also captures the imagination of the target audience.

One of the main reasons why a motion poster is more popular is due to it being different as it is animated. It is not often that you come across a motion poster (unless you count those cliche web-banner advertising you stumble on a website) that is vivid and captivating. Not only does a good motion poster breathes life into the entire design, it can also catapult the commercial attractiveness of the product or service being marketed. In the case of The Hunger Games, it helps to generate interest in the movie. I have embedded the movie poster below for you enjoyment.

The widespread popularity of The Hunger Games motion poster is any indication, in the future we might be seeing more and more movie posters being marketed as motion posters. It would be interesting to see how the designers approach in terms of designing the motion posters as care would be taken not to make the motion poster design to be overtly complicated or even too simple as well. They have to strike a fine balance between something that is great yet understated. Looking forward to see more motion poster designs in the near future and you will be kept posted if I come across any!

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  1. It's an older article but I think there still is alot of potential in motion posters - specifically for smaller films maybe, as a less expensive yet equally exciting way to advertise and drum up interest.