Thursday, May 5, 2011

Customer Service Comparison Test (Cheap vs Expensive Logos)


Anyone who is starting a new enterprise can attest the value involving owning a powerful and effective logo. Logos communicate who you are and let you get connected to your customers with an easily familiar symbol that is truly you own. But for most people, turning design suggestions into a fact can be difficult and expensive.

When you are in the process of starting a new business, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to decide whether to go for cheap or expensive logo design companies. The price is a huge decision-maker here.  Just because a logo is expensive does not mean it is effective.

We have done some research on a few expensive logo design websites. Check out the live chat and details below, before you begin your purchases.

All the above websites confirmed that they can certainly promise their clients good outcome on the final logo artwork. They assure clients that their designers can surely design something closer to the concept they have in mind. All designs will be made according to their custom specifications. Cheap logo companies offer the same services and treatment too. All logos are designed as per their client's instructions in providing the utmost satisfaction for each one of them. If cheap logo design companies can provide the same kind of treatment to each and every client as well, then what difference does it make?



Logo Mojo and Logo Design Pros offer more concepts hence they are very highly priced. The designer may give you a lot of logos that look great but probably just aren't right for your business. Moreover, at the end of the process, only one logo will be selected. So, why pay such a high price for so many options? 3 unique options is sufficient enough to choose from. Logo Mojo do not provide 24/7 live chat service on their web, but they did get back to us, moments after we've emailed them. They do admit that their package is a little bit pricey only because there will be 2 designers involved in each of the project, which means more designs being provided. They can deliver their logos in 48 hours time, where a lot of cheap logo design companies can perform too with much cheaper rates.

Representative from Logo Design Pros claimed that cheap logo design companies uses ready made designs instead of customizing them according to clients' preference and needs. They can only differentiate themselves from those companies in terms of customization. A lot of logo design companies out there be it cheap or expensive promotes themselves in delivering designs tailor made just for their customers. We don't see anything special about this considering how every other companies can offer the same services and guarantee policy.

Both companies do not have any reviews or awards to their name. All they can show us are just testimonials from their own client on their website.



As for Logo Design Consultant and Logo Inn, they only provide ONE concept which does not give clients any other choices at all but settle for the only one that has been designed for them. Client should not be limited to only one logo, they should be given at least 3 options. Options that are all well-designed.

When conducting the live chat with Logo Inn and Logo Design Consultant, both representatives do not seem too friendly when asked to explain more of their services. Logo Inn representative actually refer us as a “sir” which is obvious that the name Dawn is a clearly a female's name. The representative did not give a lot of answers as well to all the questions being asked. We suspect they might have outsourced their services to people from other parts of the world, judging from the lack of proper explanation and grammar mistakes.

As for Logo Design Consultant, the representatives does not seemed too happy when probe for explanations and more answers.  He basically dissed the services of cheap logo companies, claiming that the reason their designs are cheap are most probably stolen ideas or ready made designs done by lousy designers, hence such a low price rate. Great designers would never sell their designs this cheap. Does that mean that we can only find great designers in expensive logo design companies? There are many great designers out there who has yet to get recognized for their talent and they CAN create designs equally as good with the fraction of the cost.

Before consulting a logo company, make sure to check out some of the work samples they have done, and testimonials as well as reviews from their clients. All these websites listed below have no awards or recognitions and their prices are expensive. As mentioned before, they all provide the same kind of services, but what makes them so special to a point where they can overcharge their clients? Only award winning logo sites and designers have the rights to charge high fees. For instances, Logo Bee and Logo Factory.

When asked why the high fee, the answers are that every logo design is tailored made specifically for every each of their clients. Their designs are not templates or copy ideas of someone else logo. Not all cheap logo design sites use templates or steal other designer's idea to create their work. They use the same tactic and process: understanding their clients' to create an effective logo. All logos are designed according to clients' specific wants and needs. Examples of famous cheap logo companies out there are Logo Design Creation and Logo Design Guru. In fact, these sites has won numerous awards and recognition from well-known publications. They can produce logos as good as any other expensive sites out there.  Why not opt for a more credible and trusted logo sites like these?

You can find superior logos running at $39, while there will be horrendously designed ones at $300. There is no promise in a high cost. Just because a person has a laptop and some software does not mean they are capable of designing a great logo, just as someone with a typewriter may not produce a great book. Always make sure expensive logo design sites can promise you extra better services if they are going to charge a high fee. Or else, you can always go for cheap logo design sites which offers the same service but with a much greater deal!


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