Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Should you outsource your online business?


Outsourcing is very common these days. As you have probably heard, lots of website owners use outsourcing as a way to systematize their business. Many companies, such as design studios, ad agencies, printing companies and web developers often outsourced their graphic design works to other designers from other countries. By designating tedious and repetitive work to others, they are able to concentrate on other core tasks that produce more profit.

Most of the time, clients do not get impressed by the design work that has been done through outsourcing. This was due to the fact that outsourced designers do not necessarily produce excellent design work. They might have limited style range and may not perform all the fundamental functions that are required to complete in order to fulfill the demand of clients.

I do agree that you can't do everything on your own. Getting other people to do other tasks for you is a good idea but if they are unprofessional and inefficient, it could effect your business in a long run. Outsourcing may hurt online businesses especially when they deal with clients 24/7. Most outsourced designers are not able to deliver designs overnight when they do not understand client's wants and needs. They don't understand the objective and goals of the design company they are working for. It is very important to realize the type of design and services the company usually offers and especially the tactics and ways they have used to fulfill a client's wants and needs. If done properly, outsourcing will contribute to efficiency and better return on investment.

A lot of online business outsourced their work to Indian companies. Why India? Compared to other countries, outsourcing to Indian firms specializing in design services is comparatively economical. India has numerous designing service providers who would complete work at highly affordable rates. There has been a few tongues in the internet business wagging about the unprofessional attitude of the Indian designers being too pushy, and rude, but that could be the norm in India. The same goes to their design work. Some has been known to produce blatant and improper work, in turn creates bad reputation for online businesses.

Below are the three websites which has been known to have outsource their work to others. Please be careful when dealing with them. Always think twice before placing your order on these sites. You never know if you might end up having your design done by an unprofessional outsourced designer:


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